Pet Friendly Canal Boat Holidays

We know how important your dog is to you and your family and that is why we welcome pets at all of our Marinas. Your dog will love a Canal Boat Holiday and with miles and miles of traffic free walking it's no wonder. A canal boat is the perfect way of taking a holiday with your dog and the towpath is perfect for dog walking.

Pet friendly holidaysBecause our canal boats only travel at 3 miles per hour it is not difficult to keep up if you and your dog feel like a stroll. Most canal side pubs welcome dogs and what better way to enjoy the end of a walk with a nice pint and a cool bowl of water.

We do make a small charge of £0 per pet and we respectfully ask that you keep them off the furnishings. It is very important to be a considerate dog owner when walking along side the waterways and vital that you keep your dog under control at all times. A lot of wildlife make their homes on the canal banks and on many parts of the waterways the towpath will back onto farm land.

If you do take a walk along a path field make sure that you close the gates and never let your dog run loose as there may be livestock close by. Your dog may love to swim but the canals can be a dangerous place for your pet so keep you dog out of the water. Always clear up after your dog as the tow paths are used by fishermen, walkers, cyclists and families.

What to bring

Your dog's usual basket may be too big to fit on the canal boat but please bring some bedding – If you pack their usual blankets they will be quite happy.

Some dogs are used to cages and there is usually room for these in the saloon, however if it is a big cage this will make it impossible to put the table up. 

Don't forget to pack their bowls, toys, leads and most important their favourite food and treats. You may want to pack an old towel just in case your dog gets wet.

Poo bags, they are a must, make sure you have a good supply both on and off the canal boat.

You can if you wish invest in a dog life jacket in case your dog accidentally goes overboard. Most marine stores sell these or buy one online. River and canal banks are often sheer and most dog life jackets have a handle, so it is easier to get hold of him and lift him out safely.

Most dogs do not mind wearing one but if you buy it in advance your dog will have plenty of time to get used to the idea.

Pet friendly canal boating holidays

Things to a aware of

Please keep pets off the upholstery.

Try not to let your dog from drink from the river or the canal, make sure clean drinking water is available at all times on board and off.

When working locks one person will be steering the canal boat and one person will be concentrating on the lock. This means that if you have a crew of two, neither of you can keep an eye on your dog. It is not advisable to let your dog run loose at locks as they can be dangerous places.

Make sure you dog is wearing a collar and has some form of ID including your mobile number, don't forget you are away from home so your land line number will be no good.